Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well howdy hey everybody it’s been another great week. Let me just start at the beginning, so on MONDAY we had a great chill p-day. It was really nice and much needed. We relaxed in the apartment and did all the other stuff. That night we had a super awesome FHE with the Family Vanbuyten. They even invited a friend of theirs over. It was really fun. We talked about what it is like serving a mission and the blessings because their oldest son Nicholas who is 21 has just decided to serve a mission. So that was really cool. Then on TUESDAY we had our district meeting and that was really fun. We talked about what we can do to change things up to be more effective as missionaries. Then we headed home and did some contacting. We headed over to another FHE with the Family Vanhulst and we discussed the challenge we gave them to give away a Book of Mormon and they gave away two! They are so cool. We are going to try and pass by their friends with them. WEDNESDAY was a pretty normal day. We had a day full of finding and teaching. While we were out contacting this guy came up to us and just told us that he wanted to talk with us. He gave us his address and told us to pass by at the end of the month. Ao that was really cool. We also received a referral that a guy was looking for the Mormons and wanted a Book of Mormon so we gave him a call and fixed a lesson with him for later this week. That night we had our DMP meeting and then we went and saw our friend Jacques and his wife Chantal. We finished talking about the plan of salvation. Then on THURSDAY we just had a day of finding and we did some weekly planning. Nothing really happened because there were not a lot of people out just walking around due to the fact that it is getting cold now. FRIDAY we had an awesome lesson with Patrick and the man that wanted a Book of Mormon. We got to talk with him. The problem is he really lives far away so it’s a little hard to get out there but ça va.(It’s ok) After the lesson Patrick drove us to his house and we worked on our Disney Fire Side. We ended up eating dinner with him and then doing some finding afterwards. Then on SATURDAY we went and visited a less active. The rest was finding meaning talking to people in the street and porting. It was a long day because no body wanted to talk but I guess those days come. The next day is always better. Well then on Sunday we had a great day at church. Then we headed to a little village out of Chaleroi and we prayed with a member family out there to find people to teach. Then we started porting and it was really nice. It was calm and there were people home who wanted to listen to us so we will see. And that was my week. So today for p-day with Patrick we went and saw this abbey it is really cool.
So to get to the abbey we had to use these rail bikes. The took an old rail way and closed it down and put these little carts on that we pedal and we ride the tracks. It was really fun!
Elder Amico and Elder Wooton
Elder Turley on the Pedal bike with Patrick in the bottom corner and a little bit of Belgium in the backround.
Well here is medium frite one of the specialties here in Belgium and they are so good!
And here are the fries 15 min later, we had these bad boys during the week.
Look what neat treasures we find while we are out porting.

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