Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well hey howdy. Hey everyone this week was crazy so let me tell you.... Monday was not a usual p-day. We did an exchange and I was with Elder Amico. He is the native French speaker in our apartment. We hung out during the p-day and we got pizza and did the usual stuff like shopping and emails. That night we had a FHE with a less active family from their ward and it was really fun. We ate more pizza so I was pretty sick of pizza by the end of the day. We shared with them how they can be missionaries and help us out and we then asked them for some people they know. They said they would think about it. On Tuesday we had our District Meeting. Then we came back and planned out our night because we were planning on the member we were going to eat with to pick us up but he had car problems. So we ended up figuring out how to get to their house and that took some time. Then we had to hurry and get the metro but sadly we missed the bus. So we had to walk to their house but the diner was really good. We had lasagna and we even played a little game and had a great spiritual thought. Wednesday was just a normal missionary day we did some phone calls. Then we headed up to this area by our church and we passed by this lady that we had contacted there a few days ago. We had a lesson with her at her house but sadly she was not there. So we left her a note and hopefully she will call us. If not we are going to pass by her house. Then we did some contacting and then went and taught Jean, our less active friend. It was fun seeing him again. He is just super chill and it’s great. Then we headed over to Patrick's house and we had our DMP meeting and then we had a rendezvous with some over of our investigators that we had not seen for a while. So that was cool. Thursday we WENT BACK TO FRANCE!!!!! So while I was in Alençon I started this exchange thing for my Texas License for a French one. Well it never came in and I left before I got it. A couple of weeks ago I called the Elders in Alençon and asked if they knew anything and they said they would check. They called me a little bit later telling me that the prefecture (police station) forgot to send in my document so they still had everything. I called the mission office and they told me not to worry about it and that I needed to go get the papers and my license. So we woke up early on Thursday morning and caught a train from Charleroi to Bruxelles at 6H58 then another train at Bruxelles to Paris at 8h13. We got to Paris around 9h3. We then crossed Paris to get to another Gare (station) to catch a train. We stopped and got some Pain au Chocolats for breakfast. Then we caught a train at 11H06 leaving Paris and going to Le Mans and there we had a layover for 40 min.. Then we caught a train to Alençon and finally got there around 2H00pm. So we hurried over to the prefecture and of course it is closed because there was just a strike there grrrrr!!! So we had to change our plans and instead of going back to Paris to stay the night we stayed the night in Alençon. That was okay because I knew the ville. I showed Elder Turley around while we did some contacting. Then we ate dinner with the other Elders in Alençon and did some weekly planning. On Friday we hurried over there right when it opened and I was able to get my Texas license back yes!!!!!!! Then we caught a train at 10h00 out of Alençon and we got to Le Mans but this time we had an hour and a half layover in Le Mans so we went and saw the big Cathédrale there. Then we headed back to Paris and then crossed Paris again and got to the North train station and caught another train back to Belgium. Oh boy it was a long two days but it was really fun to be back in France! That night we had a lesson with a new investigator and Patrick. Saturday, we had a great day. Just before we left for France we contacted this guy who said we could pass by his house. So we did that and he is super cool and has a great family. But sadly he lives in the other Elders area so we have to pass him. Then we did some finding and that night we had a lesson with our recent convert Jacques and his wife Chantal. Sunday we had church and it was great. We had lunch with Patrick afterwards. The rest of the day we did some finding and that was my week. Well here we are on our little France field trip in Le Mans with the big Cathédrale

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