Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forget France, we be in Belgium!

Elder Sanchez and I
District Photo Top Left to Right: Rodriguez, Sanchez, Goodwin, Smith and Me Bottom: Hensen, Price, Wilson, Wootton, And Mckay
Me and Mission Parents

July 28, 2014

Hey howdy hey everybody so it’s been a fun week so let’s get to it... On Monday we had a fun P-day, not really it was Belgium's Independence and everything was closed and it was raining all day. So we were stuck in the apartment pretty much all day. We did not do much. Then we had a cool lesson with this less active and his non member wife who wants to get baptized so that was cool. Then we went home. On Tuesday my companion and the other Elder in our apartment had a legality thing so they left for Bruxerlles and me and this other Elder stayed and did some work in Charleroi. We went shopping and did emails because we could not do them on Monday. Then we went contacting until they got back. Then and Elder Turley and I went to Patrick's house. He took us to our dinner appointment and we ate dinner with some members and then went home. On Wednesday we had District Meeting and it was super fun. Then we went out contacting and went to our appointments that night. One was with this guy who said we could pass by his house and the other was with some of our investigators. We taught them about why there are so many churches and how we can know where the truth is. Then on Thursday it rained cats and dogs all day. So we did some contacting then worked some in our area book. Then we went out porting that night. We were on this street and we were the only ones on the road and the wind was blowing super hard so we just put our umbrellas away and both of us just looked at each other and just yelled. Then we said a prayer asking Heavenly Father why we were there and after we said Amen we looked down the street and a guy was chasing his dog. So we helped him get his dog and he let us in. So cool. Then on Friday we did weekly planning and we had a meeting with our DMP. Then we had a lesson with Jacques, one of our investigators, and we just finished up all the lessons so he is ready for his baptism. On Saturday we did a bunch of finding. Sunday I woke up not feeling so good but we went to church and I played the piano again. We came home and ate then we to our appointments with some people we met during the week. Then I was not feeling good so we went home and I slept the rest of the night. And that was my week

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hey all you people back home so listen up it’s been another week and a lot of stuff happened so let me tell you all about it..... So Monday we did all of the normal p-day stuff and went to the email place to see the results for the next transfer. We found out that I stayed in Charleroi and Elder Sanchez left, snif snif. It was a hard goodbye. We got pretty close these past 6 weeks and wanted to stay together another 6 but alas he was needed elsewhere. He went to ST. DiĆ© in France. SO the rest of the day we did some packing and then we went and saw two of our investigators and that was it. Then on Tuesday we had a lunch appointment with some members so we went to their house. Afterwards we went back home and Elder Sanchez finished up packing. Then we went to a family's house where they threw a little party with some of our investigators and some less actives. It was fun! Elder Sanchez got to say goodbye to all our investigators and some members. Then on Wednesday we sent Elder Sanchez on a train to Paris and I stayed in Charleroi with the other two Elders who are here. We worked in Charleroi till my new companion got back. It was raining all day, well all week actually and it was not fun but we had fun. My new companion came in around 6pm and we picked him up. His name is Elder Turley and he is from Utah. He is just one transfer below me so that is fun. We dropped of his stuff then ate dinner and did some porting. Then on Thursday we spent the entire day finding because our appointments that we had could not come so we did some contacting and porting and we talked to these really cool African guys in town. WE gave them a brochure about the Restoration. Then on Friday we did some weekly planning and Transfer Planning and then did Porting that night again. But this time we missed the last bus so we walked all the way home. It was not fun. Then on Saturday we did some service for some members. After that we had lunch and went and saw some less actives and then had a dinner appointment with some members then we went home. On Sunday we went to church and I gave yet another talk! It was good. Then we had some appointments with some old investigators that we found in the area book. Then we came home ate dinner and then did some porting. That was my week for y'all hope you had a great week.