Monday, December 16, 2013

Decmeber 9, 2013

Hey y'all back home I cannot believe that is has been another week and today I found out that I am STAYING in MULHOUSE for six more weeks and that Elder Johnson is leaving. It is weird that I stayed and he left but oh well that is life as a missionary. This past week was great we had another one of our investigators follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. It was great so let’s start at the beginning of the week. So Monday was just another great p-day. I loved it. We chilled all day looking at stores and more of the Christmas market and doing emails. We did some cleaning and relaxed it felt really good. Then we had a Family home evening scheduled but the family called us and said they were at the hospital with their daughter who might be having her baby so we had to change our schedule at the last minute. But we ended up seeing Marjan that night and finished up the lessons with him and now we are preparing him for the Baptism interview questions. Then on Tuesday we had our last District Meeting of the transfer. After that we had another lesson with Marjan going over the questions with him that he would be asked the next day for his interview. Then we did some contacting and then met with Ricky and had a great lesson with him. Then we just did some porting that night and that was our day. Then on Wednesday we had lunch with a family in the ward so that was super fun. Then we had Marjan's interview for his baptism and he passed and is ready for Friday! After the interview we had some time to do some contacting. Then we came back to the church and had our big Family Night with all of our investigators and we watched a movie about the Book of Mormon. It was about how this Italian guy found it with not title or name on it and he spent most of his life looking for the church it was really cool. Then on Thursday it was a holiday it was called St. Nicholas day and it’s not Santa but another guy that comes and gives gifts to the kids and the French it a ton on this day. It is mostly sweets. We did some contacting then Elder Johnson had to give an interview for the one of the Sisters investigators who was getting baptized on Friday as well. After the interview we had a lesson with Ricky. Then we finished the night eating at a Family's house. Let me tell there was tons of food and it was all so good! We just stuffed our faces. It was fun. Then on Friday we had weekly planning then DMP meeting. Then we had a baptism service for TWO people our investigator and the sister's investigator. It was an awesome service and the members were super happy as well. We sang at the service, all four missionaries. It was really fun, and the spirit was super strong at the meeting, it was perfect. Then Saturday we pretty much worked doing contacting and knocking on doors all day. Nothing exciting really happened that day just a lot of work trying to find more people to teach. Then on Sunday we had church and Marjan received the Holy Ghost. It was so cool to see him smiling and bright after it and he told us he felt entirely like a new person. After church we had a lunch with a Family and with their less active son and it was a really good time for all of us because the members told us that what we talked about and how their son reacted was an answer to their prayers so we will be seeing him some more. Then after lunch we did some contacting then some porting then went and saw Marjan as a new convert it was super to see him and all the change. He truly is a new person. And that was my awesome week.