Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hey howdy y'all hope everybody is doing well, it’s been in awesome week this past week so let me tell y'all..... Monday was a great p-day. We pretty much did emails and then went looking at some cool stores during solds and hung out all four of us in the city. That night we went out with Patrick and visited a less active and gave him a blessing. Then we went and taught one of our investigators. He was an investigator we found while contacting and he was really cool. Then on Tuesday we had a lesson with a recent convert and it was really funny. It started by him talking to us about dating advice and how he needs help. I don’t think he realized exactly who he was talking to, me a missionary about dating haha!! Then we did some contacting and went to a couple of lessons that we had planned but they both fell through. Then we had a lesson that night with this new guy that we found but come to find out he is not interested in the lessons. So that was our second lesson and last. On Wednesday we had a District meeting and we spent the day running around to our lessons. That day it was awesome we had 6 lessons scheduled with people that we found and all but one went through! It was a great day. Then on Thursday we got on a train and headed out to a city just out of Charleroi where we taught this guy that we talked to in Charleroi a couple of days earlier. Then we got home and ate and then headed to a less actives house and taught him. That night we did some visits with Patrick our DMP. Friday was Weekly planning and right in the middle we got hungry. So we ran to the grocery store right down the street and got some snacks so we were able to finish weekly planning. That night we had an activity at our church where we played basketball and had a barbeque. It was super fun. On Saturday I did an exchange with Elder Wootton, my District Leader, and he had to give an interview that day. So we went and did the interview and then came back. Then we did some contacting and we passed by some of our investigators. One who has a family and they were really cool. The little boy asked us to do some magic and it was a little difficult haha. On Sunday we had church and found out that somebody from our ward is planning on doing a mini mission and he will be staying a week with us and working with us. It’s going to be so cool! After church we had lunch with Patrick and then we went and visited some less actives. That was my week.