Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Allen is off.

The Houston Temple, in my opinion, is the most sacred and beautiful place in the state of Texas. It was an awesome experience being with Alec inside. He is so tender and loving and I know he will be a true disciple of Christ. He is a peacemaker and with his love for people and history he will serve the people of France with all his heart. 

Alec's last night in Houston for two yearshe choose to go to the Temple with his brother, Dillon, his dad, and Grandpa Jones. This I know will be a lasting memory for all of them.

I loved this picture of Alec! He was so happy and excited to be going on a misson. The spring flowers are an added bonus because he was my spring baby.

Here Alec is entering the temple, he looks so handsome!

The dreaded packing! Checking the list for the 3rd time, making sure his name is on everything was harder than I expected! It seems it doesn't get easier to help your child cut that last apron string. With each child I send off to their next journey, the harder it is on my heart.

Alec took several breaks packing I think he also had mixed feeling of leaving!

His bags are packed and he is ready! I love the Disney touch with his luggage tags! Alec is the biggest Disney fan I know and Jack is his true favorite!

Dillon was being "Mr Tough Guy" He wouldn't let me get a picture of him because I might catch a tear or two.

Dillon also has a desire to serve a mission, not sure what the future will bring but I had to get this picture simply because it maybe four years before they are together again.

Alec getting checked in. He is on his way to Utah to get the training he needs to serve the people in France. It will be filled with intense language learning and spiritual training. It is going to a pretty hard 6 weeks. Letters of encouragement and packages filled with treats are always excepted. His addy is…

Elder Alec Todd Allen
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 North 900 East
Provo, Utah 84604

And he is off! We will see you in about 730 days my wonderful son! 

I Love YOU!

D&C 11:21 This being an ordinance unto you, that you are an elder under his hand, he being the first unto you, that you might be an elder unto this church of Christ, bearing my name.
Go forth and serve with all you heart, mind and soul!