Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well holy cow this week just slipped away and so did another year of my life! I just turned 21 today and that is just crazy to me!!!! So as for my fun filled week..... Monday was a great fun p-day. That night we went porting and went and taught Stephanie but she had her boyfriend over and told she was not interested anymore. So that was a sad night but we had a great night going porting meeting some really cool people. Tuesday was district meeting and then we did the car report for the month. Then we had a lesson with Raymond and unfortunately it was our last one. He is not progressing and does not want to change. Sad day but the rest of the night we did some contacting and talked to some weird people. When we are in the apartment we speak French like these weird people and even walk like them. It is super fun. Wednesday we spent the day finding and got to teach this awesome lady. She had just lost her husband and was searching for answers and we provided all of her answers with using the plan of salvation. She said we were heaven sent and an answer to her prayers. Thursday we had our branch council and that was fun. Then we also taught Phillip and invited him to conference and he told us he would come. Then we also went and saw a less active and told him about conference as well. Friday was weekly planning and another day of doing some finding but we really did not find anyone. It was just a long hot day. Saturday helped out so much we taught some of our investigators in the morning and invited them to church. That night we had the Saturday morning session of conference and our less active came and it was super good. Sunday was a great day so we watched priesthood session at 11 in the morning on the internet. Then we had lunch with some members. Our investigator came to the next session then between sessions we had snacks and games with him and the branch. It was fun then we watched the Sunday Morning Session that night then went home and went to bed and that was our week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Well howdy everybody it’s just another week just flew by here and I cannot believe that March is gone and April, the best month of the year might I add, is just around the corner!!!! As for my week it was really cool so let’s start at the beginning........ Monday -so today was not a normal p-day we did no shopping and no emails or nothing. We woke up and did some studies like we do every morning and then we headed out the door and I drove to PARIS!! Can anyone else say they drove to Paris France, hmmmm?? But it was only a 2 and half hour drive so not that bad. We had to go to Paris to switch out our car for a newer one. So we switched out the Chevrolet Cruise, which is a stick, for a French Opel Corsa, which is AUTOMATIC!!!!! And it is a nice car. I will send pictures next week of us with our car. We ended up getting back home around 8:30 that night so that was our day. I got to see the Mission Home for the first time and it looks really cool. Tuesday, we were going to do our normal p-day stuff today but we ended up having District Meeting and then I had an exchange with my District Leader Elder Mattson. He is super cool. We worked in Le Mans and it was really fun. I got to teach a family they are teaching and it is a really cool family and they asked like tons of questions and the spirit was super strong. Wednesday I- finished up my exchange with Elder Mattson and then we headed back to Alencon. When we I got back with Elder Bates we went to the church and did emails really quick then did a little bit of shopping, some basics we needed then ate dinner. Then we did some porting out in Arconnay, a little city just south of us. That was our day nothing big happened just a lot of people not answering or not interested. Thursday - In the morning we passed out some flyers that they gave to us from the Easter Conference. Pretty much we go door to door well mailbox to mailbox putting little flyers in their box explaining our message and that we will be passing back in a few days to talk about it. We went to a neighborhood and passed them out, then we got a call from Phillip and he told us that he could not see us this week so we fixed another lesson with him. Then we did some contacting in the city till about later in the afternoon, then we did some porting and then went to a less active families home and had dinner and taught a lesson. It was really fun but felt pretty awkward because we just felt like the family did not know really how to handle us but by the end we were all laughing and talking so that was great. Friday so this morning we did flyers in another city, then came home and did some weekly planning. Then we did some contacting and then went porting in a city where we had done the flyers and it went really well. The people read it and they either let us in or said they were not interested. The one's that let us in were really cool, well most of them some were pretty scary and not sure if they were all in the head but it was a great day full of little miracles. It just goes to show that Heavenly Father works through small and simple ways to bring to pass the big stuff. Saturday -We had our Branch Presidency meeting this morning and then we did some contacting afterwards. Then we ate lunch and did some pass backs and contacting in the afternoon. Then we went porting in another city where we left the flyers and it was the same thing just like the last town. Sunday was church. After church we did some porting in the town where we left flyers in on Friday for the day. Then we headed home, ate dinner and then taught Yves with a member and he opened up to us about prayer. We got to talk to him about prayer it was a really cool lesson and that was my week