Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pics Pics and more Pics!

This was the district meeting where we Flan Sucked, so you see those things on our plate yea we just sucked them up and that is how we ate them, sounds like fun right? 
 This is Sarah she is a member in the ward that works for that computer company I was telling you about and she reminds me of Meesha.

Not a bad view for this house right? 

This is a picture I took while out porting and it looked very pretty.

Saw this field when porting  Where is Elder Allen?

We went to the zoo!!!   This was a pretty part in the zoo i liked it.

 The Tigers!!!!!!

The penguins I thought it was weird that they were not in a cold habitat but oh well! I think they enjoyed it. 

They had a little alligator. He was so cute.

The girl lion

 The male Lion

Here are the Zebras of course

So we had the zone leaders at this meeting but its fine. This was my district minus the two guys who are right next to me .The top Elder Dussiere(he is French and zone leader), me, Elder Schultz(zone leader), Elder Lee (Tahitian), Elder Pierre (Tahitian)   bottom Soeur Jackson, Elder Whatcott, and Soeur Hafen 

September 21. 2013

Hey y'all back home. I hope all is going well. Everything is super here in France. It’s starting to get cool and the leaves are changing. It’s pretty great to be in a place where fall happens when it is suppose to and not in December! But that just means it’s going to get very cold, great. Anyways my week …

Monday was great. Just the normal stuff in the morning. It was a surprise when we got to emails to find out that Elder Whatcott was leaving because we both thought he was going to stay one more transfer! But it was fun after that we did some packing and got haircuts and ate dinner. Then we went and visited some of our amis to say goodbye and also teach. It was a fun night with some tears and pictures and of course the spirit. I love teaching these people about the gospel. It is amazing how simple it is and yet blesses us so much and to see people feel the spirit so strong that they know everything we are saying is true. It is one of the best parts of being a missionary 

Tuesday was awesome. Elder Whatcott finished packing in the morning. We then left and got the tickets for our train tomorrow then we ate lunch with a member family from the ward. They made spaghetti it was very good. We then taught another lesson with one of our amis and Elder Whatcott said goodbye and we got a picture of course. Then we had dinner then left for Belfort where we stayed the night before Transfers 

Wednesday Today was transfer day. We got on a train headed for Paris. Then we dropped of our old companions at the church and I met my new one. His name is Elder Johnson. He is from Utah and he is the oldest in his family of 4. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister and he is great. He is only one transfer ahead of me. Then we got on our long train back, ate diner, and then did some porting. We met Zorica and her family and taught a lesson with them and that was that day.

Thursday We woke up and did the normal workout, ate breakfast, showered, and of course my favorite part studying. It was a blast. Then the Chastons came over and fixed our door. We ate lunch and then went out and did some contacting and some porting so I could show Elder Johnson more of Mulhouse. Then we taught Laurent at the church, ate dinner and finished up the night with some porting. It was a great day.

Friday was a very busy day with DMP meeting and then weekly planning and transfer planning but we did have some time to do some contacting and we even found this new guy and this family from Brazil who we are going to start teaching. It was amazing. 

Saturday we helped this family move from their apartment into a house. It took a while but it was a great service and we had some fun. Then after that we did some contacting and then taught a lesson to Mona and Idris.  Elder Johnson got to meet them as well and he is getting better with knowing our amis and Mulhouse which is super. We are loving our time together 

Sunday was church and it was a great sacrament. The only thing that would have made it better is if we had our amis there. grrr why don't they come? Anyways Elder Johnson got to meet our members.  I just gave out all the cards I have left. They are a hit here! The members love them so much. It is great! We also ate lunch with some members after church then the rest of the night we did porting and taught some lessons. It was a great first week for the transfer. 

September 16, 2013

Well I’m in my 5th transfer now and I know what’s going to happen this transfer and sadly Elder Whatcott is leaving me so I am getting a new companion who I will tell you about next week. Mais pour cette semaine alors.......(But for this week ….)

Lundi- for our wonderful p-day we did the usual stuff like shopping and cleaning and studies and of course emails. After all that we mailed home something that Elder Whatcott needed to mail home and that took a long time. I bought a new journal because I filled up my last one and this one is called moleskin.  They are very cool and this one is a DISNEY one! It’s got Mickey Mouse on it. It’s so cool. Then we just relaxed outside because it was a nice day eating ice cream. Then we had diner. We did some porting which was nice and we had a blast singing hymns dancing in the rain.  It was fun and we got to talk to some people which was nice.

Mardi- Today was the last district meeting of the transfer so it was fun. After district meeting me and Elder Whatcott did some porting up around the church. We had a rendezvous with Michelle one of our amis (friends) then we did some more porting up in Riexheim. We are really trying to find families and people to teach.  Then we had dinner with the Burri family oh and she loves your cards like LOVES them. She loved the Texas one I gave them this time and that was our day.

Mercredi- Well today was not that fun. We had studies and then we had a rendezvous but he called us and said he could not meet again. That was frustrating. It’s starting to get cold which kind of stinks but oh well. We had lunch then the senior couple up in Nancy came by and visited our apartment to check it out and fix a couple of things. Then we spent the rest of the night at a rendezvous and traveling from one to the next. It was a busy day too. It ended nice but it was just really cold.

Jeudi- I woke up very sick so we stayed in the apartment all day and I slept. I was very sick. I think with the flu or something like that but it was not fun. I just hope I did not get Elder Whatcott sick from me being sick haha. 

Vendredi- was great we did weekly planning and we also had DMP meeting and we visited some less actives.  I love teaching our less actives because they have such strong testimonies just they forget the small things that really help strengthen our testimonies like praying, reading the scriptures and going to church.  When we prayed and read the scriptures they got so excited and the spirit is so strong and each time they say wow! I forgot how I felt when I read or pray.

Samedi- was filled with tons of porting and more lessons and in fact we did a lot of porting it was insane. We did some porting in this lovely area it was so pretty and you could see the mountains it was nice. We also saw this Star Wars house it seriously looks like it came from the movie it’s so funny.

Dimanche- well last Sunday so it was great we had an ami named Ricky come to church with us and ten after we did some more porting then taught Mona and Idris our young family we just talked about Jesus Christ and having faith and what is faith. It was awesome! We even used pictures for the kids they loved it and it was a great lesson. 

And well that was my week and next week is going to be a new adventure with a new companion. I am excited.