Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Novemeber 25, 2013

Hey y'all this week was super fun and full of fun memories for me so let’s hope I can share them with y'all. So on Monday it was a normal p-day. We left the apartment at 10 and got all of our shopping done by 10:30. Then we went to the ZOO. It was the second time for me but the first for Elder Johnson. There was not a single soul at the park. We were seriously the only ones and the animals were all out and being animals because there was nobody there. I have pictures to share with y'all as well. Then after the zoo we did emails and looked at some stores and then did some contacting. Then we went over to Patrick's and ate dinner with him and taught him and Marjan, another investigator. Then on Tuesday we had district meeting. After district meeting I headed up to Strasbourg for an exchange and it was super fun but it rained like the whole time. It is getting very cold here! It’s like a high each day is 5°C! Yea not fun for a Missionary who is from Texas. So I got to see a lot of Strasbourg and it is amazing and HUGE!!! Then on Wednesday I hit my 9 month mark since being a missionary! I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. That it has almost been a year since I entered the MTC!!!! Well so after my exchange in Strasbourg we headed back to Mulhouse and then I headed to Belfort for another exchange yea!!!! So we got to Belfort with just enough time to eat and do some porting. While we were out porting it was the last door we knocked on and it was a young family and they let us in and we prayed with them and had a great lesson. Then on Thursday it SNOWED!!!!!! We woke up to see snow everywhere and it was still snowing. I could not believe what I was seeing but we still did missionary work. We did a service project and some contacting then headed home to Mulhouse where we then taught Ricy at the church and that was Thursday. Friday was a day filled with normal Friday stuff like weekly planning and DMP meeting. We also taught lessons to our investigators Marjan and Ricky and that was really our day. It also snowed some more that day. Yea! This is going to be great. It’s FREEZING here in France!!!!!!!! Then on Saturday we did some contacting in the snow, taught a lesson to Marjan and Patrick and finished up our weekly planning and had time to go porting. But sadly no fun experiences porting because nobody answered. Really so we did not get to talk to a bunch of people. Then Sunday we had church and Patrick received the Aaronic priesthood!!!!!! And we found a family they just came to church it was incredible. Then after church we talked to this family. That night we saw Ricky again and Marjan getting them ready for their baptisms and that was our fun week.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey y'all back home hope y'all had a great week I had the best week it was super fun and super spiritual as well if that is a surprise for the life of a missionary.

Okay so on Monday it was nothing special just the usual p-day activities such as cleaning, shopping, eating, and emails. After emails we got a chance to look around Mulhouse. They are starting to decorate since the region of Alsace is very well known for Christmas. Just by looking at what they are doing it looks super cool. After p-day we had a lesson with Ricky and after that a lesson with Patrick getting him ready for his interview for his baptism. On Tuesday after the normal morning we went out contacting and talked to some funny people who were very impressed that there were two American boys speaking very good French in Mulhouse. They just got a huge kick out of it! When we brought up the church they immediately stopped talking almost like magic. Then we had a kebab for lunch and then met Patrick and helped him with something. We taught him after and showed him lds.org. It was very cool. After that we had a lesson with Christope and Patrick came to it and he invited him to his Baptism. I tell you guys this man is amazing! That night we had a less active lesson and that was it. On Wednesday we had district meeting, lunch and then we did an exchange. Elder Johnson went up to Strasbourg and I stayed in Mulhouse with one of the Zone leaders. That night we did Patrick's baptism interview and he passed with flying colors which we knew he would!! Then we spent the rest of the night contacting and having fun. On Thursday we finished up our exchange and then headed up to Strasbourg and I got Elder Johnson back. Then we headed back to Mulhouse. When we got here we ran to the doctor's office for Elder Johnson. After that we headed over to Patrick's house where we ate pizza and had an awesome lesson and talked about his baptism. Then on Friday we had a fun mangez vous with a member for lunch. After that we headed over to the church and cleaned out the baptism font because it was kinda of gross and had not been used for over a year! Then we made the baptism programs and then came the big moment. Members starting showing up then Elder Johnson and Patrick changed and we started. I had to give the talk about the baptism which was very nerve racking but it went super well. Then Patrick was baptized. It was such a neat baptism and the spirit was super strong. Then on Saturday we headed up to Nancy because we had stake conference. We were there Saturday and Sunday and we spent the night at a MEMBERS home in Nancy. It was a super cool and also very weird experience but we had great time. The conference was amazing! That was our week. After the conference we came home but got home pretty late so Sunday night we headed back to the apartment and ate and planned.