Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Well hey howdy hey everybody. I hope y'all passed a great week and did not eat too much candy or get really scared this past week with HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! So on to my week, sorry if it is small but there was not a whole lot that happened...... Well for Monday we had a really fun p-day. We went with Patrick and the other elders to an abbey but there was a catch. We parked the car like 7 kilometers away and then biked up to it. There was an old railroad track and instead of just leaving it they decided to make it a tourist thing. They put these rail bikes on that can hold 4 people and two people pedal to make the bikes move and you travel up the old railroad. It was really fun. We got to look around the abbey, and then we biked back down. A round trip of 14 kilometers. Then we got back and did all the usual p-day stuff. Tuesday we had some finding in the morning and the afternoon. For lunch we ate with the Tricot family. Then for diner we ate with the Vanhulst family; Jermie and his wife and their two kids. It was so funny because their son is like 3 so I see him like Garrett and Grayson. He just tells me the darndest things. One thing he told me after he said the Dad, Jermie, spit out water and looked at his son. It reminded me of being in the primary all over again. Let me see Wednesday and Thursday nothing special just us doing a whole lot of contacting and porting. But really nobody was interested so not a really interesting two days. We did teach Jacques and his wife and they are doing good and they finally sold their house. So sadly they will be moving. Then for HALLOWEEN we had a zone conference with the president and his wife which was really good. It helped me out a lot. That night we had a ward party for Halloween. Then Saturday was another day of finding and then for dinner we had a FHE with a family in the ward and their kids, some of which are not members. Then on Sunday we had Stake Conference which was awesome and it was in Bruxelles. So that was cool and Patrick took us. Then he drove us home and we ate with him and worked on our fireside. Then we went and did some porting and that was my simple week. Oh yea I forgot we carved pumkins this past week too for Halloween!
And here are our pumpkins So mine is a Mickey head Elder Turleys is jackl skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas And Elder Wootoon's is a Goofy face.

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