Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23, 2014

Well Hello everybody out there. It’s been another week. Can you believe it? I think y'all might be getting tired of hearing from me so often but hey I got to write all this stuff down you know... Okay anyways this week just flew by and it was a huge week let me tell you... So on Monday we did all the normal p-day stuff like shopping, emails, and cleaning the apartment then we went bowling with some missionaries and some members. It was really fun and yea I am not got at all, but at least I broke 50! Yea that is how bad I was but I did not lose haha. Then after that we ate diner and went out with Patrick and saw some of our investigators. They are doing really well. Then on Tuesday we went to Bruxelles for our Zone Conference and it’s the last Zone Conference with President and Sœur Poznanski. It was pretty sad but it was really cool. Then we went home and that night porting was really hard because it was the first game that Belgium was playing in for the World Cup so nobody came to the door. When they did they were very mad and told us to go away. So it was kinda hard but once the game was over it was really funny they all came out because Belgium won and people were going crazy. They were waving Belgium Flags everywhere and honking their horns and making all sorts of noise. This went on till about midnight so going to sleep was difficult as well. So then on Wednesday we had a normal day of missionary work filled with contacting and all sorts of fun stuff like that. That night we went and saw some of our investigators and it was a really good lesson. He accepted tithing and said it made sense why we pay it. Then on Thursday we did an exchange and I went with Elder Hansen and we worked in Namur. It’s a really pretty town and it’s really cool. I got to talk to people there and teach some of their investigators. Then on Friday we exchanged back and Elder Sanchez and I did some weekly planning. Then we saw Patrick and said goodbye to him, he left for vacation to the USA. He is visiting Utah. Then we headed to some lessons we had scheduled. Then on Saturday it was a day of finding and we found some pretty cool people and we fixed some rendez vous with them. And then on Sunday we had a special meeting at Church they reorganized the ward boundaries here for a lot of wards. It was really interesting to see the changes, then after wards we went contacting

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Well howdy everybody so right now I am writing you from Belgium!!! So yea big news I left France ahhhhh..... slet me tell you about it. Monday was super fun. It was my last p-day in Alençon and it was a busy one. It was fun. I did a lot of packing and emails and other stuff. That night we did some porting and went and saw Yves. It was really fun. Tuesday we went and saw some members and I said goodbye. Then the rest day was spent with packing and doing normal missionary stuff, seeing people and doing some porting. That night we went to Le Mans where we spent the night. Wednesday was Transfer day. We woke up and headed to Paris. When we got to Paris I met some other missionaries who were going to Belgium and all of us went to the train station and headed to Bruxelles. I got to Bruxelles and then got on another train going to Charleroi. I got to Charleroi at 6:30 then I met my new companion and he is really cool. We met our Ward mission leader and then taught a lesson and that was it. Thursday we met this awesome less active family who is also Mexican and I finally have real Mexican food since being here in France! It’s awesome and they are super cool. The rest of the day we spent contacting and trying to learn the ville. Friday we did weekly planning and then went out with our DMP who showed us to some investigators homes and other less actives. Saturday we had some lessons and we also helped a less active family with some service on their house that they are remodeling and it was really cool. Then we had Church on Sunday and it’s a ward here and it’s really nice and I really love them all and they are super cool. The rest of the day we had a lunch with some members and then we ported that night and that was our week