Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19, 2013

Howdy y’all,
I hope everybody had a great week and all that. I had a great week it was full of fun, teaching, and following the spirit and seeing miracles. Okay so let’s start at the beginning.......
Monday was my first p-day at the church and it was pretty great so we did studs then cleaned the apartment which did not take very long. Then we did our shopping then lunch and emails. After emails we went looking at all the churches here in Mulhouse. They are very big and very pretty. Then we met the Elders in Colmar, a city just north of us. So we met them because Elder T. and I are in the same MTC group so we had to do Belgium Legality again. Elder T., the sister missionaries in Mulhouse, and I left that night for Paris because we had to stay the night and Elder W. and the other Elder Allen worked in Mulhouse. The train ride was long but fun and we ended up getting to Paris at 8:45pm. We had to get from the train station all the way to the Paris Zone leader's apartment because that is where we were staying. Let me tell you I am so thankful for my memory because I was able to get us there through the metros and the streets of Paris. All because I have been there one time before when I did my France Legality. So we got to the apartment at 8:58 yea very close! Then we just went to bed. Tuesday  Elder T. and I left the apartment and went back to the gare where the train left at 10:30 for Belgium. I got to see all my friends back from the MTC again. It was super fun and a great reunion for us all. Belgium was fun they took us to the same places so there is nothing really big there. After Belgium we left to go back to Paris. We got in Paris around 7:00 so we could not go back to Mulhouse till the next morning. So we stayed in Paris and did some work in Paris. We did some contacting and we met this Mormon couple from Colorado in Paris. They were here on vacation and they screamed ELDERS!!!! Very loud so when we heard that we could tell they were not French and definitely members. They were so happy to see us! hahah just love members!!! Then that was our night in Paris. On Wednesday we woke up very early because we had to be in Colmar by 10:30 for our district meeting so we took another long train. We had a great district meeting. Then I went on an exchange, because my companion is district leader. I will be doing these a lot. So this exchange was with the Zone Leaders so I got to meet Elder S. and he is a very funny Elder and we worked in good ole Mulhouse and it was very fun. We met this amazing guy who is totally ready for the gospel that night. On Thursday we taught the guy and he is awesome. At lunch the exchange was finished and I was with Elder W. again. Then that night we had our meeting with our ward mission leader. On Friday was full of weekly planning and we had 5 rendezvous in one day. It was insane. Then Saturday was fun. We had a ward picnic and we had our investigators come to that. It was a great time for our investigators to get to know the members. Then we had 4 more rendezvous that night. I was super tired by the time we got home. Then Sunday we had Church. Then after church we had lunch at the B. family's home, they are the family that is from San Palo Brazil. They are really cool and they made us this meal called chilli carcarna. I think that is how you spell it, any ways it was very good. They live in the tour of Europe, this huge tower in the middle of Mulhouse with an amazing view of the city.

Well that was my week I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy the picture I took of my night in PARIS!!!!

The mountains in the back are the Black Forest in GERMANY!!

The view from the Tour of Europe