Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey y'all back home. Wow this week just flew by and today is a special day. It is the 20th and I just hit my 11 month mark since being a missionary.  It is insane how much time has gone by.  I can not believe it! This week was super fun so lets see.....

On Monday, we had a fun P-day. We went around looking at sores during Soldes and did all the other normal things like emails, shopping for food, and cleaning. Then that night we did some Porting. We got let in to a couple of homes but some of them were kinda of crazy. Let me tell you, wait I can not even explain really it is kinda of hard. The things they did because they did not say anything crazy but the things they did like holding their cat and putting a cigarette in their mouth it was super weird. So we called it our crazy porting night. Oh and during emails we were told who is going to be our new mission president! It is going to be Fr├ędric Babin and he is French. He is from the Paris area!!!!! Then on Tuesday we had a fun day. We had some lessons set up but all of them stood us up!  They never showed up. It was not cool and very frustrating.  So when they stood us up and did not show we did some contacting and we did this till diner.  It was a total of 3 people who did not show up. After diner we had a rendez vous with Milen at his house. He was there!  He is super cool. He is from Bulgaria and he is totally open to the gospel.  He found us by watching TV and seeing a program about Mormons. Then that night we had a FHE and watched a movie and played ping pong. It was so much fun. On Wednesday we had district meeting, the last one of the transfer.  After the district meeting we did an exchange with the Zone Leaders and i stayed in Mulhouse with elder Shultz. We had a blast. We taught Milen again and we even taught this awesome lesson in the park.  We taught Ricky as well. On Thursday we exchanged back and then did some contacting and porting the rest of the day.  Friday we had lunch with a member in the ward and then had weekly planing.  Then we had Ward Council and our meeting with our ward mission leader. Saturday we had lunch with a family in the ward, the Burri's. Then we had a Saturday sport. That night we did some pass backs from porting the people who said to come back later. Then Sunday was my last Sunday here in Mulhouse so I took some pictures with some members and we just did some contacting and porting the rest of the day. And that was my week!