Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Well hey howdy! Hey everybody. I hope y'all had a great week this past week. My week was crazy full of miracles and fun stories. let me see if I can write them all down, Monday was our P-day. We really did nothing special that day just the usual stuff like cleaning and shopping. Right after we did Emails me and Elder Turley went and I pulled out money to buy our new bus passes. While I was at the ATM Elder Turley was at the door and this guy walked buy and then stood at the entrance. Then he turned around and asked Elder Turley if we were the Mormons and we said yes we are. He asked when can you pass by my house I want to talk to you and learn about your church. He fixed a rendez vous right there. It was so cool! Then we went to the bus place where we buy our bus/metro passes. We got there around 2:00ish and the line was crazy long. It was insane but we need our passes. So we waited and finally after a long time we finally get our passes. By the time we leave it’s nearly 7:00. Yea, it was insane! Almost everybody they had in front of us had a problem haha not fun! That night we had a lesson with an awesome ami (friend) named Emmanel. He is African and really believing. The lesson went great then we walked home. Tuesday we had our District Meeting in Bruxelles and that was super fun because we get to see all the missionaries serving in Belgium now. Then we headed back to Charleroi and did some contacting. That night we did some porting and while we were porting a lot of people were not interested. Of course like you see in the movies or hear from stories the last door we knocked on, the last one on the street this guy answered and we got to talk with him and even pray with him. It was awesome. On Wednesday we got to see our miracle man from the post and I don’t really know his name. He told us but I did not really understand it because it was really weird. Then after him we did some more finding and we even tried to pass by some old investigators and less actives that live in the area but nothing. That night we went to Jacques and Chantal's house and they gave us this really good cake made with SWEET POTATOES! It was really good so I took a picture of the recipe and will try and make it back home. Then on Thursday it was like a day of less actives so we saw Darios in the morning and then Abraham in the afternoon. Then we had some time to do some finding. Then we went to Patrick's house and we had DMP meeting. Then we went to the church and had ward council. Friday we had a finding day with both our mission and the south France mission where every 30 min we said a prayer for everybody in both missions. It was awesome! We really could feel everybody's prayers and we talked to tons of people and got some numbers and even taught some really cool people. Then on Saturday we had lunch with the Tricot family, a family in the ward. Then we did our weekly planning. We just did some finding the rest of the day, porting and contacting. On Sunday we had Church and it was sad. All of our lessons we had fixed cancelled on us so we spent the entire day finding as well. But sadly Saturday and Sunday not a lot of people wanted to talk to us, and that was my week.

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