Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Missionary in Belgium

Dinant is the City which Aldof Sax is from the inventor of the saxophone, here is me and his statue
Me and his very first sax!
Here is me and a Sax, along this bridge there are saxophones all over from different European Countries that for an art project made a saxophone, this is from France.
Here is Adolf Sax's house.
The saxophone from Belgium.
Us in the citadelle where a fight broke out inside between the French and the Germans in the World War 1. A bomb actually blew up so this place is all lopsided. It's fun!
Me at the top of the Citadelle with Patrick, our ward mission leader.
Cannons were placed at the holes to shoot at the enemies.
The City of Dinant, so we went into that big Cathedrale which as the Dome top, and what they called a citadelle which is an old millitaty base used during wars and to protect a bridge, and this one was hit very bad in world war I so we get to go in and see a lot so the next pics will be of it.... The citadelle is at the top of the pic with the flag flying from it.

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